Vote Christopher Hoyt For State Senate From Rutland County! :)
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Simple Solutions To Help Rutland County and Vermonters
There are lots of problems that we face as Vermonters, and below are a few initial ideas on how to help with some of them, to give you a sense of how I view the world and the types of practical solutions I hope to come up with to help address them if elected to the Senate. I am open to changing any and all of them, if they lead to a better solution in the end!  And if it turns out something stands in the way to one of my plan’s implementation, like an outdated or incomplete law, or technological bottleneck, it’s good to ask if that can be changed for the better.  If not, simply back to the drawing board for new ideas!  I will update this list as the campaign goes on, and I begin developing new plans for the problems we face!  And, as always, I value your input on them in terms of making them even stronger and more impactful for Vermonters!
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