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One program that has drawn a lot of press—both good and bad—that I have slight issue with is that program to recruit remote workers to Vermont in exchange for $10,000.  I can see the State’s rationale, in that it would bring more tax revenue in from high paying jobs.  But it is also not very practical in that it does not directly help local communities, per se, and does not make life easier for Vermonters.  I propose either doing away with this program completely or, perhaps even better, changing it to a new program that will recruit workers that actually make a difference to communities.  There is a profound shortage of workers in certain skilled trades—such as electricians, plumbers, carpenters, and HVAC professionals.  If you are trying to recruit workers to the state why not recruit these types of workers?  They probably make as much or more money than many of the professionals working from home, and they actually lend value to a community.  I was on a 3 month waiting list just to get an electrician out to my home.  This seems a bit unacceptable/ridiculous to me for a functional society to have to deal with.  Maybe with more workers to go around people wouldn’t have to wait forever to get their roofs fixed or houses repaired. 
Remote Worker Program Fix
Home Simple Solutions About Me My Blog Why So Bipartisan?