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Vote Christopher Hoyt For State Senate From Rutland County! :)
About Me I grew up in Vermont, and have thrown myself into various volunteer roles over the last 10 or 15 years, in addition to my interest in alternative healthcare as the basis of my career.  I am the Chair of the West Haven Selectboard, having served for roughly 7 years on the board.  I am a board member of the Vermont League of Cities and Towns Unemployment Insurance Trust (VERB), and also have served for roughly 7 years total on the BROC Community Action board, as well.  I am also now the new Chair of the Rutland Regional Planning Commission, and have also served roles in my town such as Assistant Town Clerk, and Emergency Management Director.  In short, I love public service!  And volunteer my time accordingly. I practice an alternative health care system involving reducing stress to improve health outcomes, and hold a master’s degree in studying mind/body health connections from Goddard College.  I have also worked numerous lower-paying supplemental jobs over the years, including as a substitute teacher; farm hand; cashier at the Rutland Area Food Coop; helped my wife at the farmer’s market selling her baked goods; and worked construction building sheds for the last three years before switching to caregiving work once again.  So, I know firsthand how hard it is to get ahead when making a low wage or trying to run your own business, and how insecure it can feel not having affordable healthcare or paid time off or even sick days covered, and feel these are important issues that need addressing. At any rate, my life goal includes finding ways to help reduce stress in people’s lives so that they can live better, happier lives--and become healthier and feel more fulfilled as a result.  As part of that, I always strive my best to remain positive, to find simple solutions to difficult problems, and help people to turn around a bad situation for the better. It is my hope that, if elected, I will be able to use my keen problem solving ability and people skills to truly help the people of Rutland through the implementation of new programs that can help reduce day- to-day stress and the burden of living, and improve the quality of life for everyone here in the Rutland region.  And I’ve been married to my wonderful wife Grace for the past 11 years, and who now works as a cook at a child center, after running Get Cracking Kitchen (selling baked goods) at the farmer’s market for a number of years, in case you were curious. Anyhow, I truly appreciate your support in my campaign! 
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