Vote Christopher Hoyt For State Senate From Rutland County! :)
Christopher Hoyt For State Senate!
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A Democrat Running For State

Senate From Rutland County...

but with a true BIPARTISAN approach, as I aim to ensure all ideas are heard in crafting the best possible solutions for Vermonters, and am able to work across the aisle effectively to ensure that they are actually enacted!  That said, I am socially liberal and believe in justice and fairness for all, and will not stand for programs that discriminate or lead to unfair outcomes for people!  (Click here for my new police oversight plan, for example. I am also pro-environment, which is an issue that most people seem to have forgotten about these days, and believe in conserving farmland and the open spaces and natural beauty we sometimes can take for granted here in Vermont.

What I stand for:

I love Rutland County, and the people in it, and aim to make their lives better, less stressful, and with more money in their pocket at the end of each day. I am from Vermont, and moved to Rutland County (from Norwich, VT) years ago for a reason: I loved the practical, results-driven, down to earth attitude here that has largely disappeared from other areas of Vermont.  I do not intend to make Rutland like the rest of the State if elected--I hope to help restore that older true Vermont-like approach seen in Rutland to the State House, finding excellent solutions to the problems people face, in the most practical way possible, with an eye on the bottom line and getting things done without burdensome red tape or added costs, while embracing a strong sense of community and the need for social liberty and justice for all. Money is hard to come by, and though there are many essential programs we need and that cost money, I am sure with some new ideas and clever thinking that even something as burdensome as the property tax can be changed for the better, reducing costs and making our educational system all the better in the process.  There is no need to choose between good schools and low taxes--with technology and slightly revamping how things are done money can be saved and education can be improved!  I strive to create solutions that increase a sense of fairness for all, and that increase our civil liberties and advance the cause of social justice.  See my “simple solutions” page for some initial ideas on how to help do just that! And, unlike most people in politics these days, I am open minded and will always go with the BEST solution, wherever that idea might come from.  I will listen to the other side, craft a plan that works, and try my best to work with everyone involved to get it enacted for the benefit of the people of Rutland County, and the State of Vermont as a whole.   I humbly ask for your support in the forthcoming Democratic primary, as I feel I have the ideas and people skills needed to make a real difference in Montpelier--all the while with my sole focus being on what is right for the people of Rutland, and doing my best to have their voice really heard once and for all in the State House. I grew up in politics, and feel I have the connections and political resources to enact real positive change for the people of Rutland County.  Please vote for me, Christopher Hoyt, for State Senate in the forthcoming primary! Thank you for your time and interest!   
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